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Reading this content so that you can better understand Bhutan


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Bhutan, the land of thunder dragons shrouded in mist, the secret realm deep in the Himalayas, is the youngest monarchy kingdom in the world, the holy land favored by Padmasambhava, and a famous luxury tourism destination. So do you want to go there? The urge to see it? The following content is recommended to read through so that you can better understand Bhutan!

Bhutan Customs Epidemic Prevention

Customs regulations

The Bhutanese government strictly prohibits the export of antique art and anything related to the country's religious history.

All entrants are required to complete a customs form and submit it to the customs department upon arrival. The required carry-on items must be declared on the customs form. Products found to be undeclared upon departure will be confiscated by Bhutan Customs prior to departure. Bhutan Customs does not allow any musical instruments, instruments and special electrical appliances, photographic equipment, video cameras, and electronic products to be sold in the country or given to people as gifts. Once found, the corresponding product duties must be paid.

Bhutan strictly prohibits the import and export of the following products:

(a) Weapons, munitions, explosives, and military weapons;

(2) Drugs and narcotics (medical drugs can be exempted);

(3) Wildlife products (especially species facing extinction);

(4) Antiques. (Without the relevant certificates, certain old/used items cannot be exported out of the country, even if the item is not an antique.)

Inspection and Quarantine

Bhutan attaches great importance to the protection of its own plant system. Therefore, food such as seeds and fungi cannot be brought into Bhutan. Imported plants, soil, etc. are subject to quarantine and must be declared, otherwise, they will be checked by the customs.

According to the Phytosanitary Act passed by Bhutan in 1993, the following plants, plant products, and soil require strict quarantine by Bhutan inspection and quarantine agencies:

(1) Any of the above products imported into China from outside Bhutan;

(2) Any of the above products that are infected or suspected to be infected with pests and diseases;

(3) Any of the above products that have been in contact with and exposed to the environment infected with pests and diseases.

Rare wildlife products are strictly restricted.

Food Hygiene in Bhutan

The Bhutanese Parliament passed the Food Law in 2005, and the government has more detailed regulations and management measures for food processing, production, sales, trade, health and safety inspection, and problem handling. The overall situation of food hygiene in Bhutan is good.

Bhutan's hotels can enjoy clean and hygienic food regardless of size, and most of them are buffets. You don't have to worry about a bad stomach when you eat in hotels and regular restaurants. In the diet of Bhutanese, the meat mainly includes beef, pork, and fish, and the practice is similar to Western food. Vegetables are very fresh, such as cabbage, beans, carrots, potatoes, peppers, and so on. Among them, chili is one of the most common and popular vegetables in Bhutan. There are two kinds of peppers, one is not spicy and can be eaten raw; the other is very spicy. Passengers who cannot eat spicy food and are allergic to spicy food should inform the owner in advance.

Transportation in Bhutan

Air traffic

Air traffic in Bhutan is underdeveloped. There is only one airport in the country, namely Paro International Airport, which is 65 kilometers away from Thimphu, the capital of Bhutan, and is the only airport for entering and leaving Bhutan.

The Bhutan government stipulates that civil aviation entering Bhutan must be carried out by Royal Bhutan Airlines, and other foreign airlines are not allowed to fly Bhutan routes. Royal Bhutan Airlines is the only airline that can fly in and out of Bhutan. Sailing to 7 cities in 6 countries, from Paro in Bhutan to New Delhi, Calcutta, Gaya in India, Kathmandu in Nepal, Dhaka in Bangladesh, Yangon in Myanmar, and Bangkok in Thailand.

Due to the Bhutanese government's restrictions on the number of tourists entering, and the few flights of Bhutan Airlines, each flight can only carry a limited number of passengers, so it is necessary to book in advance. During the peak season, many people start booking seats 3 months or even half a year in advance.

Transportation in Bhutan

Bhutan is a mountainous country with complex topography. There is no railway in Bhutan, and the land transportation is mainly cars, which are generally provided by travel agencies. Self-help tourists can find public transportation services, but they are relatively few and often crowded. Most roads are in poor condition.

Rental cars or bicycles are available locally. There are many bicycle rental companies in Thimphu, and there are also a small number of taxis, which are not metered and require haggling.

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