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Chrome green, also called enamel chrome green, its main component is chromium trioxide (Cr2O3). Like other high-temperature resistant inorganic pigments, it can be used to color enamel, ceramics, rubber, glass, etc. It can also be used in the manufacture of high-temperature resistant coatings or paints.

Chrome green generally shows an olive green color, close to the chlorophyll of plants. It can be used in camouflage paint. It can make it difficult to distinguish in infrared photography. This color makes it a pigment for art or green polishing paste and a special ink for printing banknotes. In addition, it is also widely used in metallurgy to make refractory materials, grinding powder, and chrome green can also be used as an organic synthesis catalyst.

Chromium oxide green is a very excellent green pigment. It has excellent high temperature resistance and can withstand up to 1000°C without discoloration. It has outstanding weather resistance, is extremely stable to light, atmosphere and corrosive gases (SO2, H2S4, etc.), and is resistant to acids and. It also has good alkali resistance and is non-toxic. It is both a pigment and the main raw material for other pigments (such as melanin).

In many complex and meticulous processes, the choice of pigments has a decisive impact on the final effect of the product. Chromium oxide green is widely used as a high-end pigment in ceramic technology due to its unique properties. Chromium oxide green, with the chemical formula Cr2O3, is an inorganic compound that plays an important role in ceramic manufacturing due to its good thermal stability and good color effects.

Chromium oxide green is a dark green powder that occurs in nature in the form of ores, mainly chromite. Its melting point is very high, reaching 2435°C, which makes it stable during the ceramic firing process and will not decompose or cause chemical reactions due to high temperatures. In addition, chromium oxide green has very good color stability and can maintain its original green color even at high temperatures.

In the ceramic making process, chromium oxide green is often used to make green and blue pigments. Changing the ratio of chromium oxide green and firing conditions allows various colors from light green to dark green or even blue. This rich color variation enables ceramic products to present rich and vivid visual effects.

The application of chromium oxide green in ceramic pigments is not easy; it requires precise control and high-temperature firing:

  1. The chromium oxide green needs to be finely ground to be evenly dispersed in the ceramic raw material.
  2. The added chromium oxide green amount must be precisely controlled based on the desired color effect.
  3. The ceramic needs to be fired at high temperatures to ensure that the chromium oxide green can fully exert its pigment effect.

Chromium oxide green

In high-end ceramic products, chromium oxide green is particularly widely used. For example, the bean green glaze, peony green glaze, etc., in Ming and Qing porcelain are all realized using the pigment effect of chromium oxide green. In modern ceramic technology, chromium oxide green is also widely used in art ceramics, daily ceramics, architectural ceramics and other fields. These ceramic products can present unique and eye-catching color effects using chromium oxide green as a pigment.

The application of chromium oxide green is not limited to ceramic products. Due to its excellent heat resistance and chemical stability, it is also widely used in other fields, such as pigments for glass, enamel, plastics and other materials. It even has applications in metal processing, friction materials and welding electrodes. These applications fully demonstrate chromium oxide green’s wide applicability and practical value as a high-end pigment.

Chromium oxide green has become an important component of high-end ceramic pigments due to its unique properties. Its application greatly enriches ceramic products’ color expression, allowing them to present richer and more vivid visual effects. At the same time, we must pay attention to its environmental protection issues to achieve sustainable production and use. In the future, with the advancement of science and technology, we look forward to seeing more environmentally friendly and efficient pigment technologies to bring more colors to our lives.


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