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In recent years, aluminium nitride (AlN) has been widely used as an electrical substrate and packaging material due to its prime electrical and thermal properties, such as high conductivity for heat, high resistivity, low specific inductive capacity, and thermal expansion coefficient anywhere near silicon. AlN particles are the main candidate filler for preparing high-performance plastic packaging by combining with polymers. However, the angular morphology of most commercial AlN particles often limits the flowability of powder/polymer mixtures, leading to poor packing density and thus reducing the thermal conductivity of composite materials. Therefore, the synthesis of spherical AlN particles that generally exhibit excellent fluidity and dispersion in polymer matrices is of great significance for promoting the further application of this material.

Despite its potential commercial importance, the large-scale synthesis of spherical AlN particles remains a huge challenge due to the low decomposition temperature of AlN and the inability to transform into spherical morphology solely through traditional surface tension methods. To our knowledge, only a few manufacturing strategies have been reported so far. The research group has long been committed to finding simple and effective methods for preparing micro-spherical AlN fillers and has proposed two related methods. One is a two-step method, including freezing/spray granulation from AlN-based suspension and a sintering process to achieve full density. Another method is direct carbothermal reduction nitridation (CRN), which involves converting Al2O3 to AlN in the presence of N2 for several hours. Although the first method can easily produce sizes as large as~50 μ The spherical particles of m, using AlN powder as raw material, often produce relatively high production costs. In contrast, spherical AlN particles prepared by the CRN method have the advantages of low production cost, simple processing operation, high sphericity, and surface smoothness, and they are more attractive. From this perspective, the direct synthesis of spherical AlN particles using the CRN process is highly valuable in both scientific research and technological applications.


(spherical AlN Aluminum Nitride)


Spherical AlN Aluminum Nitride is a special aluminium nitride characterized by its spherical crystal structure.

Characteristics of Spherical AlN Aluminum Nitride:

  1. Spherical structure: Aluminum nitride (AlN) exists in a spherical structure, allowing it to fill voids better and improve the material’s thermal conductivity when filling plastic packaging materials.
  2. High thermal conductivity: Aluminum nitride has extremely high thermal conductivity, making it an ideal quantity of heat dissipation material. It can effectively export heat from electronic devices, reducing temperature and improving stability and lifespan.
  3. Excellent thermal stability: Aluminum nitride can maintain stable physical and chemical properties even at high temperatures, allowing it to maintain good thermal conductivity even in high-temperature environments.
(spherical AlN Aluminum Nitride)

Application of Spherical AlN Aluminum Nitride:

  1. High-power electronic device heat dissipation: Due to its high thermal conductivity and prime thermal stability, aluminium nitride is particularly suitable as a heat dissipation material for high-power electronic devices (such as chips, laser diodes, etc.).
  2. Thermal conductive plastic packaging: Adding aluminium nitride fillers to plastic packaging can significantly improve the thermal conductivity of plastics, making it an ideal lightweight and efficient thermal conductive material.
  3. Aerospace field: Aluminium nitride is also widely used in aerospace due to its excellent thermal stability and high thermal conductivity.
  4. Automotive Electronics: With the development of the automotive industry, there is an increasing demand for high-efficiency and miniaturized electronic components. The spherical structure and excellent aluminium nitride performance give it broad application prospects in automotive electronics.
(spherical AlN Aluminum Nitride)


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